Tesla Model S


Leading the electric Car industry Tesla is making new waves. Creating their latest car model S has been receiving excellent reviews. Not only have their reviews been remarkable, but so has their Stock. The company was worth $30 a share and blossomed to $180 in Less than 6 months. This may be a result of how well their new model having the longest range of any production electric car in the world. It also may be the car containing the most energy-dense battery pack. With a range of 265 miles per charge is astonishing.


Coming with a long range of travel the Tesla does come with extra cargo room than most other sedans because there isn’t a combustion engine or transmission. There happens to be a second trunk under the hood of the Model S. Somehow having all that extra space and lighter engine the Tesla is able to go 0-60 in 4.4 seconds for an electric car that’s impressive.


Considered to be the first premium electric 4-door the Tesla has been only offered to a specified clients at an invitation-only event. However Deliveries will arrive shortly to the U.S. and deliveries will be sent overseas to Europe and Asia during the summer. Starting at $80,000 this car is phenomenally well priced, no telling how many Tesla has on a waiting list to get one. Especially with that Tax deduction for driving an electric car.