Porsche Carrera GT


With a fine background of performance Porsche has created a one of a kind Super Car. The Carrera GT uses styling designs from Porsche’s legendary cars. Being the first production car to have a monocoque chasis made of carbon-fiber is astonishing. This has meant a big thing to the company so much as to register a patent for Carbon Fiber. The material happened to be use for aerospace uses, and is much lighter than any other material use on cars while being very strong and stiff. This gives the car higher performance in driving dynamics weight distribution.


The V10  5.5-litre naturally aspirated engine produce 612 hp with 590 lbs of torque is no joke. The Carrera has built the car to be mid-engine to help with stability and control. Being able to go 207 mph the driver is going to the need all the control he can get. The spoiler will add much needed down force for when going at high speeds.


Even if the car has a maximum rpm of 8000 the V10 engine can be handled for normal day to day motoring at low engine speeds. To drive this automotive marvel will cost $400,000+