The Game’s Over-sized Camaro

The-Game5-600x600 1

Out of all the cars that the Game drives/purchases this is by far one of the more comical ones. Having over-sized rims/tires on his Chevy Camaro truly makes a statement. If Chevy were to make a sport looking pickup up truck, it would like like this. How would this Camaro drive off road?

Britney Spears G-Wagon

Lynne+Spears+Britney+Spears+g2zImbbUL-Dl 1

Not sure what Britney Spears and her mom were out doing that day, but it must be nice to just to casually sit on a $100,000 Mercedes G-Wagon. The only thing they are missing is the picnic basket to enjoy on top of the hood of their car.

Floyd’s Rolls Royce

Floyd-Mayweather-Rolls-Royce2-600x600 1

Floyd Money Mayweather the winner the of the most hyped up Boxing event of this decade. Him and Manny Pacquiao are both receiving 100’s of millions of dollars for a fight that many would call quite bland. The only thing not bland about the fight was everything that lead up to. Also Mayweather’s extreme car collection. The Rolls Royce that Floyd drives regularly to his boxing gym is by far one of his favorites, but not his most expensive rides.

Alyson Hannigan Flat

Alyson+Hannigan+Alyson+Hannigan+Car+Trouble+DMUKjADHdhKl 2

How I met your mother Star Alyson Hannigan was spotted having issues with her tesla in LA. No it’s not the Tesla’s fault the engineering marvel had a flat tire. Luckily Alyson called a someone to replace the tire as seen in the picture.

MClaren P1 Deadmau5

Deadmau5-McLaren1-600x450 1

Deadmau5 is a speed demon recently after posting a photo of the delivery of his new MClaren P1. There are rumor’s that he picked it up P1 to keep him busy till his BAC Mono car arrives. Over the years he’s been collecting many cars with crazy paint jobs. What paint job would his Bac Mano have?

Jason Statham Berlinetta

Jason-Statham-Ferrari-F12-600x600 2

Jason Statham has upgraded his car game to full blown supercar status with his latest purchase of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta costing over $300K . Recently from the release of the new Fast and Furious movie Jason Statham has now acquired the funds to buy nearly any supercar he could want.

Jodie’s Jaguar F-Type

Jodie-Kidd-600x599 1

Jodie Kidd the popular model and TV host not only talks about cars, but also purchases some fine rides herself. Her latest purchase was a Jaguar F-type $70-$80,000 after selling her Maserati not too long ago. She’s not afraid to race her cars either once she participated in the Gumball 3000 Rally.

Mulsanne Bentley Tyga

Tyga-Bentley-Mulsanne-600x600 1Tyga can’t get enough of his car collection. Seems like every month he is picking up a new ride. The newest addition to extensive collection is the Bentley Mulsanne. Worth over $200k hopefully he’s taking well care of all his other vehicles.

LaFerrari Gordon Ramsay

Gordon-Ramsay-Ferrari-LaFerrari-600x600 1

For the multiple TV shows Gordon Ramsay hosts and is part of and the elite restaurants he runs. It’s no question why he wouldn’t be driving the most elite cars as well. Recently he purchased on of the very few LaFerrari’s which can cost anywhere from $1.3-$1.6 million. Amazingly enough he does have multiple Ferraris so he’s not afraid to spend his money on what he likes.