Pagani Huayra

Jed Leceister Audi Q3 White blue

Elegant and muscular the the styling of the Pagani Huayra took 5 years to develop, the end result merges the past, present and future of automotive art. During the course of making the design Pagani made 8 scale models some which were full size models. One trademark of the styling of Pagani were it’s iconic headlamps and their LED daytime lights, which are shaped into the design for visual appearance. The diffuser is integrated with the rear bumper and is overtaken by the elliptical frame surround the exhaust outlets.


With the new body design made from carbontitanium, there was a lot of research done to keep the body rigid because of the gull wing doors cutting into the roof. To make the car safe Pagani reinforced the fuel tank with a safety cell made of different composite and ballistic materials placed behind the driver. To make the suspensions work their best Pagani combined an advanced energy absorbing crash structure with an astonishing rigidity-to-weight ratio.


When driving around the city the Huayra is usually calm and very controllable waiting on the driver to request immediate response of its 12 cylinder engine; with 700 hp, 1000 lb torque, is unleashed. With all the studies put into the engine the response time is immaculate the driver has full control over any rpm and preventing unwanted delays of power. This powerful beast is will set someone back $1.15 million.