Nissan GTR


Considered to be one of the most technologically advanced performance cars made the Nissan GTR is Superb. For being such a reasonably priced super car  it also considered one of the world’s fastest vehicles. While being one of the easiest high-speed car. Showcasing Nissan’s engineering talents the GTR features an independent transaxle 4WD system that improves traction and greater cornering power. Even with all it’s power pumping through  the 473 hp V6 twin-turbo engine it is also economical with low emission exhaust.


To keep the light weight of the GTR the body is made from: aluminum, carbon fiber , and built aerodynamically. To make the gear shifts smooth a new dual-clutch paddle shift transmission has been installed which makes the driving experience all the more pleasurable. Most importantly safety is a big concern when it comes to Nissan, making sure their customers are safe in their super car Nissan added Ventilated Brembo disc brakes which offers quick stopping performance.


Taking pride of their flagship model each engine and transmission is hand assembled by a single engineer at Yokohama factory. To speed race against others in this Nissan exotic it’ll a reasonable price of $100,00