Maybach Landaulet


The Maybach Landaulet  brings back the remembrance classic luxury. Reusing the old form of landaulets, the maybach uses the feature of a closed chauffeur’s area. This exceptional vehicle also features an extra-large folding roof opens up over the back-seat passengers giving the view of the sky. Handcrafted by specialists to meet the customers needs, only the finest materials are used. Something that would be expected of such an extravagant car. The Maybach was voted the most prestigious luxury automobile brand According to  Luxury Brand Status Index.


The styling of the Maybach is certainly different from any other car out. Such as the driver area having black color interior. While the passengers are met with a white interior with a large amount of room. Some may disagree the role of being the chauffeur deserves some luxuries driving such a lavish car. The interior in the front as well is made from high-grade materials. To get chauffeured in a ride like this will cost around $1.3 million.