Lexus LFA


Creating a new part of its brand’s history Lexus has taken on the challenge to develop a supercar. The Lexus LFA project was carried out by only a small eager team of engineers who have pushed the envelope of technology, material, and engineering during every stage of the production of the car. Chief Engineer Haruhiko exclaims, “The Lexus LFA is a thoroughbred supercar.” In the past decade they have pushed every boundary in order to create the most unique driver experience car they possibly could make.


The rear-wheel drive Lexus LFA is powered by a 552 hp 4.8-litre V10 engine, met with a rear-mounted six-speed automatic transmission, giving 200mph-plus performance. Combined with help a lightweight constructed carbon fiber frame.When Creating the original frame of the Lexus LFA they first used aluminum for the car’s construction. When learning about the Carbon Fiber they redid the entire body of the car with Carbon Fiber costing much more money, and time. But it did what they hoped for it to do and lighten the weight of the car.

To have this carbon fiber car it’ll cost around $400,000