Koenigsegg Agera


Koenigsegg in teaming up with Michelin for tire development for its cars. As one once said “A Supercar is not better than the tires it use.”

The Koenigsegg Agera has very good balance in corners thanks to its front which is now as wide as the rear of the car. Featuring the latest in braking technology, an adjustable ABS system, and ventilated drilled ceramic discs. Serves for an exceptional braking performance regardless road condition. With adjusted intake the Twin Turbo the power now reaches 910 hp. Only running on regular gas the torque is maxed out at 1100 and can reach 5100 rpm.

With auto adapt functionality for different road conditions the traction control is the quickest reacting in the automotive industry.

Making new records and being the worlds first in the car industry. Koenigsegg creates a new type of interior illumination called, Ghost light. the light shines through the billet aluminium buttons and surfaces by way of nanotubes, creating visible symbols. which creates a very clean appearance, including a center console and tunnel assembly made from carbon fiber.


Having the largest luggage space in the industry and detachable hardtop, positions the Koenigsegg’s as one of the world’s most engaging and top performing cars. If someone will like to enter in a car with car doors as cool as those it’ll cost.  $2.5 Million