Jaguar XJ220



Jaguar and Tom Walkinshaw Racing collaborated on creating the Jaguar XJ220 a mid-engined supercar. For 2 years the Jaguar XJ220 held the record for the highest top speed of a production car 217 mph from 1992-1994 until the arrival of the McLaren F1.

During the 1980s, Jaguar’s chief-engineer Jim Randle, part of the “The Saturday Club”, had an idea for developing a car that would surpass the Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959. He came up with an upgraded XJ13 which was a very lightweight coupe with a mid V12 engine. Randle dug into his idea even deeper and thought of making it all wheel drive for better traction and handling. With a Car with such high speeds he put in an integral safety-cage so the car could be safely raced in high speeds. His purpose was to create a performance car capable of exceeding 200 mph.


The goal of four wheel drive and a 500hp Jaguar V12 this was enticing for car enthusiasts, but Jaguar had made the bizarre decision to ditch the 4 wheel drive. It gets worse unfortunatley  the V12 engine was switched for a Turbo V6. Soon customers, were demanding their money back. Many of which opened court cases against Jaguar, and won. Even though the smaller engine with less cylinders, it created more power than the V12 would have. The global Recession at the time didn’t help matters either. Otherwise this once great potential car will be remembered as being fastest at the time. For a steep price of $6oo,000 in the 1990’s.