Ferrari F12 Berlinetta


Since 1947, every time Ferrari has revealed a new 12-cylinder car, the automotive industry is stunned.  every time a performance car of this type is released, it foreshadows the start of a new generation.  These engines rare vehicles are searched by collectors around the globe, and each one representing a major generation leap forward when it was revealed. Today with the Ferrari F12berlinetta is the first in a whole new generation of its kind. In fact, it is the highest performance Ferrari ever built, and somehow it effortlessly marries extreme performance with efficiency, delivering mpg and epa levels that are thirty percent lower than the previous models. The engineers and technicians faced a huge challenge of creating a front-engined car with performance that was still able to offer the same enjoyable driving experience at lower speeds. Modeling after the design of the 599 GTB Fiorano, declared the best looking Ferrari built. The engineers and technicians commitment produced a car sporting an astonishing  740 hp mid-front V12 engine with 690 Nm of torque.


Communicating between the Ferrari Style Center and Pininfarina, the F12berlinetta’s design is impeccable. Featuring typical Ferrari 12-cylinder styling cues it’s an innovative style.  It offers an amazing amount of passenger space and comfort even with its compact exterior, while the dimensions are wrapped in sleek, aggressively sculpted lines.