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The Game Standing on a Ferrari


Visiting Miami the Game got back with some friends, and had some fun showing off the collection of Luxury rides they have. This image is the most notable standing on a 458 Italia and a Mercedes Benz S550. The Game is standing on $400,000 dollars with of cars, now that is pretty Lavish.

Britney Spears G-Wagon

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Not sure what Britney Spears and her mom were out doing that day, but it must be nice to just to casually sit on a $100,000 Mercedes G-Wagon. The only thing they are missing is the picnic basket to enjoy on top of the hood of their car.

Pink G-Wagon Chyna

Blac-Chyna-G-Wagon-600x449 1

Blac Chyna seems like she can’t make up her mind on what color she wants her G-Wagon to be. At first it was white then matte black, now a strange pink. For how much she’s spending on paint jobs she could probably afford another $100,000 G-Wagon.

Kevin Hart SLS

Stars+Attend+Inaugural+Los+Angeles+Fatherhood+ehovNzehyYfl 1

It’s hard not to know who Kevin hart is nowadays especially when he is hosting the roast of Justin Bieber. Rolling around in Hollywood Kevin was seen valeting his Mercedes-Benz SLS it definitely show’s how far he’s come in the last few years.

Iggy Azalea G-wagon


Iggy has been making waves in the music industry recently, especially with her very popular song Fancy. She’s now getting a lot of attention, not only for her music, but what she drives. Not long ago she was seen getting out of a Mercedes G- Wagon worth $100,000+

Kaley Cuoco’s SLS


Rarely pictured Kaley Cuoco  was spotted getting into her Mercedes Benz SLS convertible. With her successful career on her famous sitcom, this won’t be the only supercar we’ll see her driving. The car is worth $200,000+ , but to her just another daily driver car.

Kourtney Kardashian SLS


Supercar or not, it seems a little insane to be getting into a car with over 500 horse power when that person is 5 months pregnant. The only time when that horsepower is going to be needed is when going to the hospital for delivery. Otherwise costing over $200,000 that car will get Kourtney where she needs to go on time, every time.

Raheem Benz C63


At only 19 years of age. He’s already making waves as a professional soccer player, and purchasing cars just like other stars. He’s still so very young what could possibly be his next car as he gets older.

Ron Perlman Benz


Known most popular for his role on Sons of Anarchy. Hell Boy Actor Ron Perlman tries to go unseen by the public in his Mercedes Benz E350. With over 300 Horsepower he can most certainly out run them.


Sylvester Stallone E63


With his new adrenaline rushing 3rd installment of Expendables coming out soon. Why not treat himself to a nice car. Certainly this is not as aggressive as the cars he drives in the movies. But what counts is what’s under the hood a V8 with 558 Horse Power is no joking matter. With a price over $90,000 it’s almost economical for Stallone.