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Lewis Hamilton P1

lewis1-600x398 1

Extreme F1  Driver Lewis Hamilton adds another supercar to his never ending collection. The Mclaren P1 is no car to smurk at it is a monster of car listed at over $1.6 million with 903 horsepower. Is there much of difference of what he drives when competing in the F1 World circuit compared to this Mclaren?

MClaren P1 Deadmau5

Deadmau5-McLaren1-600x450 1

Deadmau5 is a speed demon recently after posting a photo of the delivery of his new MClaren P1. There are rumor’s that he picked it up P1 to keep him busy till his BAC Mono car arrives. Over the years he’s been collecting many cars with crazy paint jobs. What paint job would his Bac Mano have?

Paris McLaren 650S Spider


It never ends with Paris Hilton It seems as if the other month she was getting out of her Lexus LFA. Now she’s driving around in a McLaren 650S Spider. Costing over $265,000 she is definitely living the lavish life.

Chumlee McLaren MP4-12C


Recently in Miami Chumlee Reality Star from “Pawn Stars” was spotted in a McLaren MP4-12C. Word has his that he’s just renting for the week. Otherwise it looks Superb in White.

New McLaren P1 Supercar Sunday


None other than Jay Leno would have such an exotic car as the new McLaren P1. Surprisingly it’s a very economical Hybrid. One that can reach short distance of 6 miles on a single charge haha. Who cares about how far it can go when it has over 900 horse power to boast. When Jay Leno spends $1.15 million on a car the last thing he’ll think about is how far it can go on a tank of gas or single charge.

Yo Gotti Nice McLaren


Yo Gotti taking a Selfie while filming his new music video with a white McLaren mp4-12c. The white paint job and butterfly doors says it all. Looking like that don’t come cheap it’s  worth $240,000+.

Calvin Harris’ scared for his McLaren


Calvin Harris and Rita Ora do not look happy that they’ve been spotted. Calvin almost looks scared that someone might scratch his $200,000+ McLaren MP4-12C