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Paris Hilton LFA Shopping


Paris Hilton has been driving some extremely exotic cars, recently she was spotted next to her Lexus LFA. She somehow is able to make a supercar practical for her shopping trips, but it doesn’t look like she’s able to fit everything into that small trunk. For $350,000+ maybe the car should have a decent trunk, but what supercars actually have a large trunk?

Grocery Shopping Reese Witherspoon

Jim+Toth+and+Reese+Witherspoon+wW18_GjAuGrl 2

Running some errands picking up some groceries at the local supermarket in Los Angeles. Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth were seen loading up their Lexus RX.  Reese Witherspoon is either leasing a lot of her cars or just happens to have a whole collection of cars that keeps growing. Atleast she’s using them, just wonder how many she has.

Paris Hilton in white Lexus LFA


Not sure who inspired Paris Hilton to get a car that fast, but with her Lavish lifestyle who cares. She probably got it to save 5 minutes when getting to her appointment at the hair salon. Otherwise the car looks in good white. Costing her $375,000+

Busy Philipps Parked In The Wrong Spot


That’s too bad Busy Philips Got a parking ticket. With How much she’s making on Cougar Town it’s probably a drop in the bucket to her.