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Alec Monopoly Standing on Lambo


Alec Monopoly and friends were spotted recently showing off their their supercars, by standing on them. If there is there something you shouldn’t do to artwork or automobiles, it’s stand on them. The paint job alone on Aventador can cost from $8- $20,000 it’s not worth it.

Dane’s Lambo Huracans

Dan-Cook-Lamborghini-Huracan-600x600 2

Where has Dane Cook been for the last few years? Seems like he’s been making some investments on the side because, not many can buy 2 of the same car and get away with it. The two Lamborghini Huracan’s are pretty slick looking at $230,000 a pop. Who knows what other cars he might have in his collection?

Nicky Diamonds with Ben Baller


Hanging around the Las Vegas strip Nicky Diamonds and Ben Baller decided to show off their super cars. Their 458 Italia and Aventador equal to over 1,000 horsepower and over $700,000. Expensive and yet beautiful cars.

Chris Brown’s Tupac Lambo


Chris Brown can’t get enough of Lamborghini, for his latest Lambo  he had a tattoo artist paint  Lyrics from Tupac onto the hood.  If he were to put any lyrics on his car wouldn’t it make sense to put something that he wrote himself? Otherwise it is still a sleek looking car costing over $250,000 not including Tupac’s lyrics.

Bugatti Vs. Aventador

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Ben Baller Aventador


The renowned jewler Ben Baller representing “Ice Fresh Jewels” has been making waves lately with his extravagant automotive purchases. Recently posted to his News Feed was a picture of most recent purchase a 2014 Triple Nero Lamborghini Aventador, commenting to all the haters that he doesn’t do leases and buys his cars in full. That must have taken a lot of Jewelry sales to get something like that.

Kendall Jenner Posing


Having fun posting pictures to instagram of their lavish rides. Kendall Jenner posing for the camera next what seems to be a Lamborghini Aventador. But it turns out its not be hers, but Scott Disick’s. At the end of the day she can drive whatever car she’d like make it look good.

Chris Brown Aventador


Chris Brown Recently got of jail, and the first thing he does is refresh his cars. His Aventador he got painted a slick blue. If he spends the money to have that certain color he should probably change the color of the rims as well. Change it from black to something that gives it a nice contrast, maybe  a pearl white.


Bam Margera Recks the back of his Lambo


Bam Margera misjudges his distance when backing up his Lamborghini Murcielago and cracked the the exterior.