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Rob Dyrdek Berlinetta


Starting off as a simple kid with big dream, of making it in the skating industry. Roby Dyrdek has made himself one of the most iconic and business oriented people in the industry. With his amazing sponsorship with famous clothing brand DC, he’s able to purchase any vehicle he desires. The Ferrari Berlinetta is a pretty slick car, for just about anyone, with a price tag of $300,000 +


Bieber and Khalil


When Justin Bieber isn’t getting into trouble, he’s probably hanging with friend khalil. They do everything together like getting matching paint jobs for their cars. Except for the fact his Ferrari is worth $250,000+  while the Corvette could be a base price of $50,000.

Paul George Ferrari


After suffering through his injury Paul George can still gloat and post pictures of his amazing 458 Spider. Even if he’s unable to drive it he’s still got the option when his injury heals. Injury or no injury anyone else would drive that car, the first chance they had.

Sammy Hagar La Ferrari

sammy hagar la ferrari

Sammy Hagar the lead Singer of Van Halen picked himself up a new Ferrari. But this isn’t your typical Ferrari, La Ferrari boasts a price tag of $1.7 million. That’s the equivalent of 8 Ferrari Californias at $200,000 a pop!

Out of Gas Ferrari


Recently on a freeway Indiana Pacers forward, Evan Turner was spotted with his Ferrari California. Turns out he ran out of gas, but fortunately P.J. Hill former teammate saved the day with some. Running out of gas in a Ferrari definitely not good for the engine.

Deadmau5 Selling Custom 458 Italia


Deadmau5 has recently put his Custom Ferrari 458 Italia up for sale on Craigslist listed for $380,000 or best offer.  All the proceeds will go toward the Toronto Humane Society, what a kind gesture and paint job.

V. Stiviano Ferrari California


From all the recent publicity that she has received, Stiviano has got in her head that she is now famous. Hiding behind the ridiculous visor only makes her see more insecure. For those who don’t know V. Stiviano is the one who ratted out Donald Sterling by releasing a recorded phone call. That phone call led to Donald Sterling  banned from the NBA and forced to sell his NBA Franchise. Get out of the car Stiviano. The Ferrari California doesn’t like you or Donald.

Gold vinyl wrapped 458 Italia


World Champion Kickboxer Riyadh Al-Azzawi pictured with his Gold vinyl wrapped 458 Italia. As if the 458 Italia wasn’t attention grabbing enough why not add gold to the equation. More than likely that will grab more attention. This by far is one of the more lavish cars out there.

Rob Dyrdek White 458 Italia

Rob-Dyrdek-Ferrari-458-600x600 1

Rob Dyrdek was pictured having his final moments with his beloved Pearl white 458 Italia. The Custom paint job alone costs an excess of $20,000. Why would anyone want to part ways with their Ferrari especially that one? Maybe he’s updating that Ferrari to the F12 Berlinetta. Whatever car he decides to pick up it’s going to be an awesome one.

Afro Jack Promoting His New Album In a 458


What advertising could be better than labeling your Ferrari with your own name. That’s basically letting people know buy my new album so I can get a second Ferrari. It’s a brilliant idea because people aren’t going look at a billboard. But majority will turn their to head to see that Ferrari 458 Italia. Maybe even ask themselves who owns that? Oh Afro Jack cool he has a new album coming out.He got the Ferrari for a steal of $250,000. Instead of buying a billboard in Atlanta for $420,000 for 6 months.