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Brody Jenner Stingray

Brody-Jenner-Corvette-Stingray1-600x449 1

Famous reality TV star Brody Jenner picked up a Corvette Sting Ray. If there is any new car model out there that can turn heads it would be the look of the new Corvette. Amazing the cost isn’t as extravagant as other supercars out there ranging from $60-$100,000 seems like American muscle is the way to go.

The Game’s Over-sized Camaro

The-Game5-600x600 1

Out of all the cars that the Game drives/purchases this is by far one of the more comical ones. Having over-sized rims/tires on his Chevy Camaro truly makes a statement. If Chevy were to make a sport looking pickup up truck, it would like like this. How would this Camaro drive off road?

Chad Ochocino’s 1973 Donk


Wide receiver for the Montreal Alouettes, Chad Ochocinco has had a collection of different cars, but has now got back into the game of collecting Chevrolet Donks. The most recent one he acquired for his collection is this 1973 convertible Donk, and wow is it clean.


The Game Camaro

The-Game-Camaro-600x600 1

Recently The Game, couldn’t make a decision on what color he should get his brand new Chevrolet Camaro. So he asked the fans, and  his fans responded very well. With a slick Red paint job like that heads will turn. If not he does have the Rolls Royces in the background that too would grab peoples attention.

Bieber and Khalil


When Justin Bieber isn’t getting into trouble, he’s probably hanging with friend khalil. They do everything together like getting matching paint jobs for their cars. Except for the fact his Ferrari is worth $250,000+  while the Corvette could be a base price of $50,000.

Rob Dyrdek Suburban

Rob-Dyrdek-Suburban-600x600 1

Rob Dyrdek knows what to do! He just likes showing off that his blacked out DC shoes matching exactly what he’s driving. Who else, but Dyrdek to promote his iconic brand Brilliantly

Khalil New Corvette Stingray


Khalil Recently bought himself a new Corvette Stingray. He got the paint job done by West Coast Customs, the Matte red finish on a car like that superb. It looks mean, hopefully he doesn’t get pulled too often because it’ll be difficult not get noticed in a car like that.

Rob Dyrdek’s Brillant Car Jet



For how much time Rob Dyrdek is on the road he can’t be wasting time stuck in traffic. Instead he created what he likes to call a “Street Jet.”  This comes with accessories that only a private jet would have. This is what all Chevy Suburbans should used for. Costing regularly $45,000+ who knows how much he put into it.

Bubba Watson’s Stormtrooper Corvette


That was a very nice Christmas present that Bubba Watson’s wife suprised him with. Announcing his new vehicle to twitter with, “Wife surprised me with this old Chevy! Thanks @UltimateAuto_ for tinting it so fast! #CorvetteStingray”  This Corvette able to 0-60mph in under 4 seconds can make any husband happy.