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Mulsanne Bentley Tyga

Tyga-Bentley-Mulsanne-600x600 1Tyga can’t get enough of his car collection. Seems like every month he is picking up a new ride. The newest addition to extensive collection is the Bentley Mulsanne. Worth over $200k hopefully he’s taking well care of all his other vehicles.

Ben Baller Supercars

Ben-Baller-Cars-600x600 1

How many cars is Ben Baller going to purchase? Better question is Ben Baller actually buying these cars or just leasing them, just to have them for a short time and get something newer? However he does have amazing taste in cars take a look at his garage it’s worth over $1,000,000.

Shiny Bentley Sharon Osbourne


In Beverly Hills Sharon Osbourne was spotted climbing into her Flying Spur. For this wife of legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne. She isn’t afraid to ride around in a car worth $200,000+. The only thing people will question about is what does Ozzy do to the car, when Sharon isn’t driving it?

Jennifer Lopez Bentley


Jennifer Lopez was recently spotted driving her white Bentley to pumpkin patch with her children. What amazing mother driving her $200,000+ car to a pumpkin patch, hopefully nothing scratched it.

Juelz Santana Bentley


Rapper Juelz Santana who has been MIA since his release of “Whistle” has been spotted showing off his new Bentley Mulsanne. Maybe he has been keeping low key for a while, otherwise slick Bentley.

Lance Stephenson Mulsanne


Lance Stephenson, Charlotte Hornets shooting guard. Is making waves on the basketball league. Signing a contract for $25+ million dollars. He is for sure enjoying it, buying his new toys such as his Bentley Mulsanne and Rolls Royce Wraith.

Mark Wahlberg Bentley Mulsanne


Mark Wahlberg has been dominating the box office lately with his successful films: Pain and Gain, 2 Guns, and Lone Survivor. With his upcoming film directed by Michael Bay “Transformers Age of Distinction,” he deserves to get himself a new Bentley Mulsanne. Costing around $300,000 isn’t much for this actor whose net worth is $200 million.

Paris Hilton’s Diamond Pink Bentley


No matter if it’s her Lexus LFA, Bentley or any other car. Paris Hilton is always going to match the color of her car with her clothing. Who ever thought of Pink Rims on Bentley? Well whenever someone is worth as much as Paris Hilton it really doesn’t matter what color it is does it. With all the customizations such as a diamond-encrusted dashboard. This is one lavish Price of $400,000 for a very lavish car.

Entourage Has Been Taken


Is there anything cooler than Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) and Liam Neeson in the same photo.  I’m talking about the two of the most feared and successful TV/Movie actors. Both of them who want to protect their families like no other in the roles they play. Filming the Entourage movie never looked so much fun until now. They may not know who you are, and don’t know what you want. But they do have a particular set of cars The Ferrari 458 Italia and Bentley Continental. For a combined total of $400,000+

Prince William and The Dutchess Red Carpet Bentley


Prince William and Catherine, The Dutchess of Cambridge showed up for an event in a new Bentley Flying Spur this past week. They might not always be behind the wheel themselves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to roll.