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Police Escort for Miley


It must be tough being Miley Cyrus with all the Paparazzi trying snap photos of everything she does. Instead of lashing out at them or bumping them with her Can-Am ATV. Miley called for a police escort to help her get home safely, smart move Miley.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bugatti

Arnold+Schwarzenegger+Arnold+Schwarzenegger+0yTIknzDKIflNo matter how Arnold’s movies are performing in the box office, he seems to be raking it in continually. Recently spotted he was driving a Bugatti Veryon, no one is for sure if it’s own personal one. Or he’s just test driving, for that matter, it’s not like he can’t afford the Million Dollar car. Maybe he’ll crush it with his tank!

Levine Porche Turbo S


Unlike other Adam Levine cars this one is particularly new. Normally he would be driving some Vintage motors. Instead he’s sporting out a shiny black Porsche Turbo S. Costing over $230,000  with 500 horsepower.  That Porsche is able to get from 0-60mph 3 seconds flat, now that’s fast.

Chris Brown Aventador


Chris Brown Recently got of jail, and the first thing he does is refresh his cars. His Aventador he got painted a slick blue. If he spends the money to have that certain color he should probably change the color of the rims as well. Change it from black to something that gives it a nice contrast, maybe  a pearl white.


Paris Hilton Spyder


Given Paris Hilton’s portfolio of luxurious rides. She can also have some fun on a Cam Am Spyder Motorcycle. Who new she was that sporty, she seems to be enjoying herself with her new toy.

A Soon to be Father Reggie Bush

  Reggie+Bush+Lilit+Avagyan+Shop+Bel+Bambini+qbAqQsPfKX-l Reggie+Bush+Lilit+Avagyan+Shop+Bel+Bambini+YnTnbGyixcgl

Reggie Bush being a good future father as he was spotted driving his Rolls Royce. Him and his girlfriend Lilit Avagyan were shopping for baby clothes.

Elsa Pataky And Chris Hemsworth Spotted With Acura MDX


Elsa Pataky and her husband Chris Hemsworth were spotted getting out of their Acura MDX. Luxury priced reasonably. $40,000+


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