Bentley Continental GT


The Bentley Continental GT is the quickest four-seat coupé in the world.  It’s the first new, unique Bentley design to be launched in 7 decades. It puts together many elements of the finest Grand Touring heritage and Bentley craftsmanship with latest advanced technology ever seen in the automotive market.

With a 6.0-litre, W12, twin-turbocharged, 567-hp engine putting power to all 4 wheels through a paddle shifters, combined with a six speed automatic gearbox, the Bentley Continental GT has interior space, versatility and ease of ownership to make it a natural everyday car while offering performance of a supercar.

The Bentley Continental GT was designed and engineered by Bentley at Crewe. The cars will be produced in all-new facilities that use state of the art technologies as well as unique hand finishing and attention to detail. Each will carry the hallmark badge winged ‘B’. It is also the first car to be fitted with a Breitling timepiece. This will help bring the Bentley ownership closer to a greater crowd of  enthusiasts than ever before.


It was only the £500 million vote of trust placed in the marque by the Volkswagen AG Group that brought the two decade old fantasy to reality.

It was decided that the bling on the car  should be shrunk while the headlamps be more bold in the styling. The matrix radiator grille by far is the most dominant visual aspect of the car. The spoiler recedes into the trunk lid at low speeds provides necessary stability without ruining the car’s control.

For the price of an everyday drive/super car and a Breitling timepiece  $177,500