Scott Disick Bugatti


From one car to another Scott Disick, never wants to stick to just one car. Recently he traded his Lamborghini Aventador for a Bugatti Veyron. How does one switch from one amazing supercar to another so quickly. From $500,000 Lambo to a $1million dollar Bugatti is insane, what is his next car going to be?

Alec Monopoly Standing on Lambo


Alec Monopoly and friends were spotted recently showing off their their supercars, by standing on them. If there is there something you shouldn’t do to artwork or automobiles, it’s stand on them. The paint job alone on Aventador can cost from $8- $20,000 it’s not worth it.

The Game Standing on a Ferrari


Visiting Miami the Game got back with some friends, and had some fun showing off the collection of Luxury rides they have. This image is the most notable standing on a 458 Italia and a Mercedes Benz S550. The Game is standing on $400,000 dollars with of cars, now that is pretty Lavish.

Paris Hilton LFA Shopping


Paris Hilton has been driving some extremely exotic cars, recently she was spotted next to her Lexus LFA. She somehow is able to make a supercar practical for her shopping trips, but it doesn’t look like she’s able to fit everything into that small trunk. For $350,000+ maybe the car should have a decent trunk, but what supercars actually have a large trunk?

LaFerrari Robert Herjavec

Robert-Herjavec-Ferrari-LaFerrari1-600x383 2

Talk about Technology tycoons and investors on the Shark tank. Robert Herjavec was seen driving his LaFerrari in LA. Not only is he on a popular investment show he is surprisingly competing in dancing with the stars and so far is fairing pretty well against his competitors. Would his next investment being dealing with the dancing industry?

Lewis Hamilton P1

lewis1-600x398 1

Extreme F1  Driver Lewis Hamilton adds another supercar to his never ending collection. The Mclaren P1 is no car to smurk at it is a monster of car listed at over $1.6 million with 903 horsepower. Is there much of difference of what he drives when competing in the F1 World circuit compared to this Mclaren?

BMW i8 French Montana

French-Montana-BMW-i8-600x600 1

French Montana likes show off his new rides when he gets them delivered. The latest ride he acquired is the new BMW i8 which looks like from the future. From the picture he looks pretty excited to be driving it. It almost looks like a car from the movie I robot. Probably has the same price in the future as well over $130k.

Rolls Royce Matt Kemp

Matt-Kemp-Rolls-Royce-600x600 1

Matt Kemp a professional outfielder for the San Diego Padres recently made a new purchase a Rolls Royce Raith worth over $300,000. It’s amazing what baseball players can make nowadays with their guaranteed contracts. Matt Kemp’s most recent contract is for $21 million for the next 5 years with Padres.

Brody Jenner Stingray

Brody-Jenner-Corvette-Stingray1-600x449 1

Famous reality TV star Brody Jenner picked up a Corvette Sting Ray. If there is any new car model out there that can turn heads it would be the look of the new Corvette. Amazing the cost isn’t as extravagant as other supercars out there ranging from $60-$100,000 seems like American muscle is the way to go.